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Team work makes the dream work!
Resonance: (n)
1: Richness or significance, especially in evoking an association or strong emotion 2: A larger than normal vibration produced in response to a stimulus whose frequency is close to the natural frequency of the vibrating system

Our Services

Here at Resonance Group, our friendly approach to direct marketing and sales allows for maximum exposure and guaranteed results for the brands we represent. This not only allows our team the opportunity to put their personality on show but provides our clients a reliable and measurable approach to achieving their desired exposure targets and sales needs.

We specialise in using events-based and business-to-business strategies to engage with potential customers on behalf of the brands we help grow. We work towards a win-win equation for all key players involved.

Learn how to master sales, coaching, business management, team building and direct marketing through our ongoing development program.

Business Development Program

  • Independent Contractor

    Learn the art of persuasion, develop your communication skills, help drive client revenue targets. Become a sales mentor, help drive team growth, enjoy extra responsibilities to lead sales from the front.

  • Business Contractor

    Become a sales mentor, help drive team growth, enjoy extra responsibilities to lead sales from the front. Learn management skills, opportunity for national travel. Opportunity for international travel, drive company development, manage client campaigns.

  • Marketing Company

    Open your own marketing company, take on your own client campaigns, manage company finances.


We offer an opportunity to build something for yourself and ongoing coaching to help make it happen!


Our environment is fun, fast-paced and energetic to allow people to earn, learn and love what they do. Business growth and personal development are at the forefront of our mission in coaching all our sales contractors.

Pushing the comfort threshold to drive progress!
We’re a people business! Our business thrives on the focus to harmoniously deliver for client, customer and contractor
Developing the right psychology is crucial to performing at your peak
We aren’t shy of going the extra mile to close in on our future goals

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